Choir Sings a Festive Tune

As the holiday spirit begins to kick in, the Heritage Choir Concert helped spark some holiday cheer. Overall, the concert on December 7, ran very smoothly, and was a great success. A total of six choirs performed at the concert and many friends, families, and students showed up to support the music program at Heritage High School.

From the first day of school until the day of the concert, students spent their choir class time learning and perfecting several songs. Not only do they learn several parts but they spend the first part of class doing music theory. Music theory is a mixture of lessons that include exercises and many different elements of music. This was considered one of the major keys in preparing for the concert.  

“The major keys I think were focus and hard work, as well as music theory. It allowed us to get our skill levels up in order to sing successfully,” says Mr. Fischer, the choir teacher.

As a result, many believed that this was the best concert yet. A couple changes were made to the organization of the concert. For starters, there were no filler acts. Filler acts are a way to fill space in between changing choirs. Any student from school can audition and potentially do an act during the concert. Instead Mr. Fischer used one of the upper level choirs, Check, to sing in between different groups. He believed that it made the concert run smoother, as well as a bit faster.

The concert also was a great success this year because of the way each choir stepped up. Students dedication and work ethic really grew tremendously the first semester. It allowed for the choirs to learn and work on harder music as well as to grow as singers.

“This year it felt like everyone was more dedicated to the choir program, we ask lots of questions to make sure we do our best and improve,” says Sahvanna Rowe ’19.

As for the future, the different choirs have already started working on new songs and preparing for the next concert. The audience can expect to see several medleys as well as some group numbers where multiple choirs get together to sing a few songs.  

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