Cheer and Belles able to participate

Belles were doing cheers in front of the small audience during the game on October 23. Even with it below 30 degrees, the Belles pushed through the whole game and they are all glad to be back.

   With the football season starting CHSAA decided that they were going to have the cheerleaders and Belles on the sidelines. Both programs were off season until CHSAA announced that they could start four weeks before the first game. 

   “I am excited and I’m looking forward to getting back to a little normalcy and getting back to supporting Heritage athletics, even though it is a little crazy trying to get ready at the last minute,” says Cheer Head Coach Tera Proctor.

   CHSAA gave cheerleaders and Belles four weeks to learn all of the cheers, band dances and sideline chants. 

   With the programs now in season they have to follow extra restrictions because of Covid – 19. CHSAA has given all teams a worksheet that the coaches need to fill out.

   “The worksheet is part of a process to help everyone stay healthy. We know the district has been working closely with health professionals and rely on them to let us know what the best practices are,” says Belles Head Coach Rachel Sabey.

   With the worksheet in place, all of the teammates have to wear a mask while practicing whether that is inside or outside. 

   They will also have restrictions on the sidelines while cheering. They all have to be 6 feet from each other at all times and will have to wear masks while cheering on sidelines. During the game they have to be 25 feet from all players and the stands throughout the whole game.

   “The football setup is similar to what we have done in the past and overall thought it worked well at the first game. We loved being closer to the band,” states Head Coach of the Belles Rachel Sabey.

Heritage Cheer gathers right before the first game of the season. They went on to cheer the whole game at LPS Stadium at the first game of the season in October.

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