Changes in student registration

Lea Taylor '22 registers for the 2020-2021 school year.

   As the last Heritage students finish registration for the 2020-2021 school year, many are reflecting on how registration this year was different from in years past. One of Heritage’s counselors, Mr. Powers, explains the most prominent change in registration.

   “[There was] the pre-listed courses from teachers, where they recommended classes for students, that’s probably really the only change from last year. We were trying to get rid of the paper form, where teachers had to sign if they agreed with the class that you picked. That wasn’t very effective,” says Mr. Powers.

   Some may wonder why teachers need a say in a student’s schedule, but there is reasoning behind it, and the recommendations aren’t as rigid as they may seem.

   “Teachers wanted to be able to have some input, to let the student know what they think, but we still want to give the student the flexibility to drop courses that are recommended to them,” says Mr. Powers.

   Although this was better for the counselors and administrators, this didn’t sit well with some students. Sophomore Ruby Wachter laid out what she thought of the change.

   “I didn’t like the teacher involvement aspect. Sometimes they put in classes that I didn’t want to take and I had to do more work to fix that. I think they should get rid of the teacher involvement,” says Wachter.

   However, Wachter found the process useful overall.

   “It was super easy and convenient. I liked the simplicity of it,” says Wachter.

   With registration comes the question of schedule release. In the past years, schedules have usually been released in August, and it’s looking like it will be that way again for the upcoming school year.

   “In recent years the counselors have gotten the schedules in mid-June, which means that students don’t get them until August. It all depends on how smooth [scheduling] goes,” says Mr. Powers.

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