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Tammen cheers for Kansas

March 18, 2016 Eva Doherty 0

Due to his passion for tumbling, Mr. Kyle Tammen, now a Spanish teacher, was encouraged by his parents to do gymnastics when he was in the sixth grade. His passion led him to success, and later to competitive cheerleading in college.

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Beasley graduates early to explore passions

March 17, 2016 Josh Merchant 0

Julia Beasley ’16 may just be a teenager, but she’s already established herself in the world of politics and human rights.

Beasley is one of just a few seniors who graduated in December rather than May. But instead of spending her second semester relaxing at home, she has done anything but that.

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Rocking out after school

December 17, 2015 Eva Doherty 0

Saturday night is usually not a time of relaxation and time with family for Mr. Kevin Keena; he usually spends his weekend evenings playing gigs in his band. In addition to being an Instructional Technology Specialist at Heritage, Keena plays drums, and taught as a band teacher for a total of sixteen years, eleven of them at our school.

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Trail Showcases Snakes

November 16, 2015 Natalie Swartwout 0

Marleena Trail ’16 has always loved snakes. A few years ago she joined the Zoological Discovery Center, run by Mrs. Karen Green. Now she is a junior board member and they have turned a small business into a major exhibit.

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Advisory affecting Heritage

April 1, 2015 Eva Doherty 0

Though both advisory experiences are different, they both have relatively the same core values, comradery and hard work, two things which Heritage is all about.

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