Lee jumps into new adventure

May 15, 2018 Kylie Ryan 0

Ms. Lori Lee, one of the most dedicated physical education teachers, will be leaving Heritage High School. Lee has worked here for over 18 years, and both of her children have attended and graduated from Heritage as well.

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Zolle looks forward to adventures in retirement

May 14, 2018 Brytin Staab 0

After many years of teaching at Heritage, Lisa Zolle will be one of the teachers who will retire at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Her legacy has reached far across many faculty, students, and alumni who have been a part of Heritage.

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Ms. Baca Retires

May 14, 2018 Trevor Lewis 0

Among Heritage’s large and talented teaching staff is Ms. Baca, a math teacher and former coach. After 23 years at Heritage, and 33 years teaching, she is retiring.

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AP Computer Science Beckons the Future

September 13, 2016 Ian Guerra 0

Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields as well as the one of the highest paying jobs you can get with a college degree. A class that supplements an interest in this field is AP computer science. AP Computer Science is taught by Mr. Rudolph.

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Hofschire runs marathon

May 9, 2016 Garett Eckrich 0

Mr. Hofschire used to live in Chicago and had a friend named Jack Penny that ran in the Chicago marathon.  Mr. Hofschire went to go watch his friend and he saw over a million people watching the runners. It was so inspiring for Mr. Hofschire just to watch his friend run in the Chicago marathon that he decided to run marathons. Hofschire first marathon was in 2000 and now runs several marathons each year.

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