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Lessons learned by travel

November 4, 2013 Kristin Good 0

Over the summer, I flew from Denver to Uganda, Africa to spend a month serving and living in a new environment. My experience began being overwhelmed with all the kids rushing me because of my skin color. But soon enough, I was not overwhelmed, instead my love for those kids grew and grew, and I began to learn what true joy is. These kids have grown up with what most westerners would consider nothing, and yet they have an overflowing joy that spreads onto everyone that they come near too. They dance and sing with a carefree spirit because they are thankful for the little that they do have.

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Is Brazil Ready?

October 4, 2013 Emilee Hafler 0

Brazil is set to be the host for the 20th FIFA World Cup. This will be the second time Brazil has hosted the fútball championships. Tickets are already flying off the counters. Anticipation and excitement is in the air and volunteers are working hard in preparation.

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Working While Learning

October 2, 2013 Brendan Allen 0

In a student’s seemingly overwhelming and busy life, there are those who tack on an extra obligation to their schedules, like working after school at Old Navy. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports…

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The truth about fracking

August 6, 2013 Ronnie Peltz 0

The future of the environment depends on the industry of fracking. By continuing this invasive oil drilling process, the effects can ruin our natural landscape not only for this generation, but for the next.

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Tune out of autotune

February 11, 2013 Olivia Lopez 0

The warbled, computerized voices flood out of my car speakers. Robot voices. Voices that cause me to angrily smash my palm against the dashboard and shut off the radio. Autotune has taken over the music scene, and I am not happy about it. In fact, I’m spitting mad.

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Alcohol allowed?

February 11, 2013 Audrey Moylan 0

Almost everyone has witnessed underage drinking either in person or through the media. Tons of parties happen every year across the country, and to see minors drinking is a common occurrence. No matter how much of an effort the nation puts into restricting this activity, it cannot be fully prevented. Why should we keep the legal age for the consumption of alcohol at 21 years old when the country’s 18 year olds can marry, vote or go to war?

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Finding a way to stay safe

January 26, 2013 Madison Kaemerer 0

It’s hard to believe all of the violence that has occurred over the past year. Many people have been killed in tragic shootings around the United States. Many people are calling for reformed gun laws, while others are vouching for more focus on helping people with mental illnesses, and I believe that at this point in time there is not a sole answer to how America can prevent more shootings. I do believe that there are actions that can be taken to help prevent things this atrocious from becoming such a prevalent aspect of our society.