Driver’s Ed needs more driving

May 16, 2017 Tess Selden 0

When turning 15, students all over the state of Colorado are presented with the opportunity to receive their Learner’s Permit as they take their lessons to the road. Before they can drive, they are forced to complete rigorous Driver’s Ed courses that are only partially beneficial.

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Art needs funding

May 15, 2017 Abby Hanson 0

Donald Trump’s proposed budget eliminates funding for a wide range of domestic programs that primarily help create universal access to educational through public media and fund the arts and humanities in communities.

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Webassign acts as busy work for students

April 27, 2017 Sydney Giesen 0

As a students who has used Webassign for three of my five science classes, I think that I can easily say that instead of wasting my time googling answers to questions I haven’t even read, my time would be better spent looking at a study guide and spending time on things I actually need to know and asking questions.

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Government spending appalls

December 18, 2016 Paige DelMargo 0

As a teenager who has grown up in a blue collar home the least I ask of my government is they spend my family’s tax money responsibly. It is frustrating and painful to watch a country who claims to be strong and built off of the working man have such disregard for those very people who need them most.

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Is the school system adapting to society’s needs?

December 1, 2016 Abby Hanson 0

For some students school is a sanctuary, a second home, and from there it is able to be seen as a tool for self development. However every individual has vastly diverse learning styles, personalities and natural skills. The fact that students have a variety of needs makes it difficult to create a universal institution that creates an effective learning environment of an entire generation of people, but that is exactly what the school system is expected to do.

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Homework for Everyone

October 4, 2016 Kelly Ryan 0

Recent controversy over whether students should have homework has been sparked with the release of a letter from a second grade teacher to her students’ parents. This letter states that the students will not have any assigned homework during the year and will only have to do what they didn’t finish in class.

Comic Sans: Our greatest fight

May 12, 2016 catherine turner 0

They didn’t know what they had done. How could they have? Developing a simple, whimsical font for comic-book-style speech bubbles in 1994 must have seemed the most benign thing in the world to a few Microsoft employees. But unbeknownst to those tragic figures, their fateful actions would soon evolve into the most unspeakable mistake of our modern times.

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New Times, New Curiculum

May 11, 2016 Brooklyn Walker 0

English classes use many types of literature to express history and themes to students. Predominantly, teachers promote books that are either classics, books with inequality or both.