Comic Sans: Our greatest fight

May 12, 2016 catherine turner 0

They didn’t know what they had done. How could they have? Developing a simple, whimsical font for comic-book-style speech bubbles in 1994 must have seemed the most benign thing in the world to a few Microsoft employees. But unbeknownst to those tragic figures, their fateful actions would soon evolve into the most unspeakable mistake of our modern times.

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New Times, New Curiculum

May 11, 2016 Brooklyn Walker 0

English classes use many types of literature to express history and themes to students. Predominantly, teachers promote books that are either classics, books with inequality or both.

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Grades weigh down success

May 10, 2016 Brendan Allen 0

One of the reasons students take AP classes is for the opportunity to receive a weighted grade. Although these grades are attractive on a high school report card, the reality of “grade inflation” is much less appealing. A weighted grade is essentially the means to achieve a higher GPA. That’s it; stripped down to the bare bones, a weighted grade doesn’t amount to much more than class rank.

Independent Study Can Offering Extensive Learning

March 18, 2016 Miranda Kemme 0

As someone who has taken every art class available, Independent Studies are a great option to further your interest in something that you enjoy. Whether it is English, art, or physical education, students are able to go beyond the curriculum offered at Heritage High School.

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Holiday shopping should be stopping

December 17, 2015 catherine turner 0

Tis’ the season once more kids, where we will all cozy up to our fall fireplaces, surrounded by loving family and friends, and discuss in excited murmurs what we dream of buying from the upcoming holiday sales.
Never mind sticking around after holiday meals to be with one another, we’ve got to go accumulate more material wealth!

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