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Desserts freeze at -321 degrees Fahrenheit

December 21, 2016 Laura Bianchi 0

Liquid nitrogen. A staple in the realm of science. But now, it is becoming a staple in the world of food science. Denver now has a local dessert shop that incorporates liquid nitrogen into their dishes in front of your eyes. Recently, teenagers around the country have been infatuated by the idea of these treats that steam from the mouth. A few people at Heritage have visited the Inventing Room recently.

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Concert Band Marches Into the Holidays

December 18, 2016 Abby Hanson 0

Concert band practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday all year long and students are expected to practice outside of class as well. This huge effort culminates in a concert designed to bring the school community and families together during the holidays over their passion for music.

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Heritage thespians travel downtown

December 12, 2016 Sydney Giesen 0

On December 1 through December 3, Heritage’s own Thespian troupe #3759 traveled to the Convention Center in Downtown Denver for this year’s Thespian Conference (ThesCon), as they do every year. However, though students who have never had a part in the theater may have heard about ThesCon. they might not have any idea what it really is.

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‘Rumors’ Finds Success

December 5, 2016 Ajay Davis 0

As theater season came to its first big production of the year, Rumors, it brought about a mood of optimism for many involved in putting on school plays. This play, written by Neil Simon, was much more lighthearted than previous productions, and in turn, appeared to be much more fun for cast members.

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6th Annual LPS Poetry Slam

December 1, 2016 Sydney Larson 0

Poetry. It’s a way for writers to speak their mind in a creative, fun way. In the sixth annual LPS poetry slam, five students represented Heritage. The night was full of crying; crying from laughing and crying from the broken lives people spoke about.

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