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Off the Beaten Path

October 1, 2013 Katie Logar 0

It’s only when the weather gets cooler that the local activities in Colorado get hotter.
This fall, escape the pressures of daily life and pay a visit to some of the best get-away attractions and locations that the state has to offer.

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Indie Spotlight – WALK THE MOON

September 30, 2013 Austin Merchant 0

Although not “technically” independent, Cincinnati-based WALK THE MOON is breaking the indie scene with their energetic sound, bright guitar riffs, and accessible style.

Many people are already familiar with their lead single “Anna Sun,” and a few people might know their song “Tightrope,” but their latest album, Walk the Moon, is full of colorful singles beyond just the ones that get the radio play.

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Heritage dancers shine on stage

March 25, 2013 Sarah Selden 0

Heritage High School is home to a plethora of talented students. There are the theater kids, athletes, musicians, artists, and even four talented ballerinas. Abby Specht ’13, Karina Okoren ’13, Hannah Kois ’14 and KT Wicker ’16 have all been cast as leads in Littleton Youth Ballet’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz.

Specht and Kois have been given the unique opportunity of sharing the role of Glinda. After receiving the news, both were excited.

“I think I cried tears of happiness. Glinda was the part I really wanted, so I was ecstatic,” says Kois.

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Once upon a winter musical

February 11, 2013 Karly Goranson 0

“Once Upon a Mattress”
February 28, March 1 & 2
7pm nightly + 2pm Sat. matinee

Purchase tickets online!

Heritage’s theatre department welcomes more talent for this year’s musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.”

This year’s musical puts a whimsical twist on the childhood tale, “The Princess and the Pea.” For his first musical, Seth Deeter ’14 is very excited for show night.

“Being my first, it’s all very exciting and there is so much going on and I love it already,” explains Deeter.

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Putting an end to the winter doldrums

February 11, 2013 Katie Logar 0

Christmas is over and it goes without saying that it’s not really socially-acceptable to watch Christmas movies any more. But just because you had to pack away the tree and lights doesn’t mean that those warm, cozy nights in front of the T.V. are over. There are plenty of outstanding movies to catch up on over the next few weeks of winter that are sure to put an end to your winter doldrums.

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The favorites of winter flourish in the flurries

January 26, 2013 Devan Walsh 0

The weather outside may be frightful, but the activities are so delightful.

The snowy season allows students to enjoy the many skiing slopes and the ice rinks that flourish under the blizzards.

Although it could be absolutely bitter outside, a cup of warm coffee or steaming hot chocolate are great companions to brave the storm.

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A Fun Trip Back to Middle-Earth

January 26, 2013 Ryan Walter Blair 0

With his return to the wondrous world of Middle-Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson creates another visually powerful film, but be warned, it’s no classic on its own. The major problem, which is simply inevitable with a film like this, is that it feels like the set-up for something bigger, but then again, that’s because it is in fact the set-up for something much bigger. Never mind that the source material is already lighter than the Lord of the Rings trilogy since Jackson crafts the tone for this one perfectly, because what The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey functions best as is a teaser for the rest of the action.

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Conquering the US from across the pond

January 23, 2013 Sara Niswonger 0

Close your eyes and picture a camera zooming in on Highclere Castle and then cutting to a service bell downstairs ringing from the Saloon all set to the theme song “Did I Make the Most of Loving You.” The show that immediately burst into your head was “Downton Abbey”, right? If it wasn’t, the phenomenon-of-the-period drama is eagerly awaiting to blow your mind.