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Hoopla over Hullaballoo

December 18, 2013 Jackson Buckner 0

The house lights dim and the MCs cascade over the seats. Before the audience knows what hit them, the word “Hullallbaoo” ( supposed to be “Hullaballoo”) awkwardly appears on stage; letters held at all kinds of angles. So begins another Heritage talent exhibition.

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The Mercury Cafe proves to be worth the drive

November 4, 2013 Austin Merchant 0

Way up in Five Points, just north of Downtown Denver, there is an organic, wonderfully offbeat haven for bohemians and artists called the Mercury Cafe, informally known as “The Merc.”

It’s a long hike from Littleton (about 30-40 minutes via I-25), but there’s really nothing like it anywhere else in Colorado.

The Merc serves live music, dance and poetry, wholesome and organic food, outstanding coffee and tea, and some of the most interesting decorations anywhere. True bohemians can be hard to come by in a place like Denver, but they exist, and they’re hiding in this unique hangout.

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Fun facts on Faculty

October 31, 2013 Mady Marcolina 0

Ms. Smith can read and write backwards and is currently pregnant.

Ms. Gustafson used to live in Hawaii when she was a little girl and attended the same high school as Barack Obama (Punahou School) and she also used to be a professional singer before she was a teacher.

Ms. Hurley has 15 cup holders in her Minivan and also used to work at Hobby Lobby fluffing Christmas trees

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Heritage wins the Game

October 4, 2013 Emilee Hafler 0

See pictures of Heritage students who braved the cold weather to cheer on their football team to a win during the September 27 Homecoming Game.

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Off the Beaten Path

October 1, 2013 Katie Logar 0

It’s only when the weather gets cooler that the local activities in Colorado get hotter.
This fall, escape the pressures of daily life and pay a visit to some of the best get-away attractions and locations that the state has to offer.

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Indie Spotlight – WALK THE MOON

September 30, 2013 Austin Merchant 0

Although not “technically” independent, Cincinnati-based WALK THE MOON is breaking the indie scene with their energetic sound, bright guitar riffs, and accessible style.

Many people are already familiar with their lead single “Anna Sun,” and a few people might know their song “Tightrope,” but their latest album, Walk the Moon, is full of colorful singles beyond just the ones that get the radio play.