Calbook writes a Beck!

   A world entangled in scarcity, far into the future. Math teacher, Robert Calbeck imagines this scenario in his new book, Scarcity. In a post-climate change future where electricity is precious like gold, Mr. Calbeck illustrates a realistic image of what the world might look like in thirty years.

   “It’s my best guess at what the worlds going to look like in thirty years, and then an interesting story in that world. It’s a realistic, near-future sci fi that delves deeply into issues of climate change, power and global politics” says Mr. Calbeck.

   This isn’t Calbeck’s first time writing, however, in fact writing has been a long time pursuit for the math teacher. Calbeck believes that if someone can be good at math, then they can also be good at writing; no one person is defined by one word.

  “We are all capable of many things.  I explore many subjects besides math and I think they relate to each other in an interesting way. I can see the synthesis between math and history and politics and religion” says Calbeck.

  With his book, Calbeck looked at all of these seemingly separate and unrelated concepts and tied them together beautifully under the subject of climate change. While this topic is controversial currently, Calbeck approached it with grace and without bias.

  “I think this book is important for the current political climate; I think it’s something a lot of people can benefit from reading. Here, Mr. Calbeck has a unique opportunity to make an impact on this community” says TJ Jones ‘21.

    Thus far, his new book has astounded readers with its poignancy. Heritage looks forward to reading what Mr. Calbeck has to write next.

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