Boys’ Volleyball grows in size

In recent years, many sports have become more prominent in the world of high school athletics. One of the best examples of this is the rise in population of boys’ volleyball athletes. In the state of Colorado, the number of boys playing volleyball has grown to a more impactful number involved in the last five years says John Speraw, Men’s National Coach and UCLA Coach. With the exponential growth and popularity of the sport, it is expected that in the coming years, CHSAA will authenticate it as a state sanctioned sport.

The Heritage team is coached by Hannah Eberle and currently holds a record of 9-12. At the end of the season the boys are about 34th out of 61 teams in the state, making them one of the more balanced boys’ volleyball programs in the state.

“So far, the team has improved a ton since last year, even with a lot of new players,” says Jordan Phung ’18.

The team is constantly running plays which take a lot of chemistry, on and off the court. The boys seem to be working well together, growing in skill and understanding. Their chemistry is further proven by a bravado of risky, athletic moves made in order to win.

“This season has been a blast and all the coaches have been super helpful since I’m new to the sport,” says Isaac Troxler ’20.
This team is racking up experience and points as they finish the season with a great league standing at 5-5. Their growth was notable on the year.

Outside hitter Jordan Phung ’18 attacks the ball in a home game against Falcon High School. Phung is part of the strong senior base that has been this team’s foundation in their early stages.

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