Boy’s soccer has building season

   The Varsity boys’ soccer team has had its ups and its downs this season. Their season is now coming to a close, which has allowed them to reflect upon their 2019. From an outsider’s perspective, their record could be considered to show a deficit in the team’s performance, but in reality, the team had a successful season that is a building block to a promising future.

                One of the most remarkable things about the team was their work ethic and camaraderie. In games that ended in victory and loss, the team rallied together, and played more as a unit, rather than as individuals, and they were constantly giving their best effort for themselves and the team, especially during their wins.The team pushed to the end, and fought hard throughout the season, sweeping Chapparal 5-1 in their final game. 

“I think in those games we had the best attitude towards each other and we just wanted to play hard. Those games we were most connected for sure. I think we needed that personal connection with each other to help us play better,” says Forrest Mondlane ’20. Mondlane is a standout player, and has been a strong and unifying leader throughout the season. 

Just like Mondlane, the seniors on the team are thrilled for what is coming next, and think very highly of each other and of the future of the program. 

                “We’ve had one of the best teams I think in a while, now it’s  just a matter of working together,” says Alex Borg ’20. Borg has always supported the team’s collaboration skills and togetherness, which has been an immense help this season. Another senior, Luke Sprague, also noted how bonded the team was throughout their season.

                “The best part was how together we were. We won as a team, nobody fought, and we all worked together. Our losses affected the team because sometimes we’d get mad, but honestly, it didn’t make a big difference on how we worked. I definitely have hope for the future of the team- next year’s team will be great,” says Sprague ’20. Sprague has had a successful season overall, and truly cares for the legacy of the team. 

   Not only have the seniors helped the team grow, but some other players have also been a major contribution to the team’s bonding success. Caleb Ryan is a sophomore on the team, and one of his favorite parts of the team was the combination of the ages on the team.

   “The best part about the team is that it’s not all seniors. It’s a mix of juniors, sophomores, and a freshman that joined us. I think the diversity of the classes made the team very fun.” says Ryan ’22. The variety of people on this team create hope for success in the future of the team. Moreover, the memories that have been made this year has helped the team enjoy the season, and has built excitement for future seasons.

   “My favorite memory was my first minutes playing Varsity as a starter, and just being under the lights, on a different team, playing different tactically. It changed the way I played,” says Ryan ’22. 

   Not only are the players anticipating stronger seasons, but Head Coach Johnathan Schreiber is also proud of the team, and considers it a successful year to help boost the program.

“Sometimes success isn’t measured by a game, it can be measured by being mentally strong and tough,” says Schreiber.

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