Beasley graduates early to explore passions

Beasley takes a group selfie with her group in Brazil. She attended a seminar in Araraquara for three weeks in January.
Beasley takes a group selfie with her group in Brazil. She attended a seminar in Araraquara for three weeks in January.

Julia Beasley ’16 may just be a teenager, but she’s already established herself in the world of politics and human rights.

Beasley is one of just a few seniors who graduated in December rather than May. But instead of spending her second semester relaxing at home, she has done anything but that.

“On December 28, I left for a month and went to Araraquara, Brazil,” she says. “I was there as a part of the international peace organization I am part of called CISV! It was a camp for and run by 18 and 19 year olds! We cooked, cleaned, and planned everything we did ourselves.”

On top of her work with Children’s International Summer Villages, Beasley also picked up a political internship.

“I have been interning at the Colorado Capitol with three lobbyists,” she explains. “I schedule meetings with clients and legislators, sit in on committees, take notes, write fact sheets, attend meetings, take more notes, listen and observe the process.”

Beasley wanted to try out an internship before going to college so that she could get a taste of what political work really is.

Beasley with her father on her first day of her internship after returning from Brazil. She has been working since last summer, but her graduation meant she could work full-time.
Beasley leaves for the Capitol with her father Mike Beasley after returning from Brazil. She has been interning since last summer, but now she works full-time.

“I didn’t want to be the doctor that’s afraid of blood if that makes sense,” she explains.

Around the school, Beasley’s known for her passion, intelligence and peaceful attitude.

“I think it was really cool she had the opportunity to go to Brazil for three weeks,” says classmate Kirstyn LeCavalier ’16. “It was for an international peace organization, so if that doesn’t show you what she’s like then I don’t know what does.”

As for the future, there are still many unknowns.

“Since I loved my time at the Capitol, I plan to go into the world of public policy and politics when I am older!” says Beasley. “After traveling and maybe joining the Peace Corps,” she adds.

“She’s going to do big things someday,” predicts LeCavalier.

As for college, Beasley has a busy four years ahead of her.

“In my dream world, I will double major in Public Policy and International Relations with a double minor in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies/Peace Studies,” Beasley says. “But that all depends on where I actually go to school!”

On where exactly she’ll be going, Beasley looks out-of-state.

“My top choices right now are University of Puget Sound, Loyola University of Chicago and Seattle University,” she says.

Ultimately, Beasley has no regrets about graduating early.

“I have been making these connections for the past year and learning so much of what I couldn’t learn at school, so I feel really prepared for the real world.”

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