Baseball slams into season

Jacob Hilton ’17 races to first base during spring tryouts. The team is ranked 2nd for preseason by the Denver Post.

As the preseason expires and the baseball season quickly begins, Heritage’s baseball team is giving their all in order to be well equipped to be successful.

“Our first three games will be the biggest,” says Casey Opitz. ’17 “We’ll play Westminster and Arapahoe right away and then we play Cherry Creek, which is a very good team,  so I think if those three games end on high notes, the rest of the season will follow.¨

Rather than being focused on their rank in state, the team is more focused on refining as many of their techniques as possible to be more successful on the field.

¨We have two pitchers that do unbelievable things on the mound, and our hitting follows do, then we´ll be something to watch out for.¨ says Opitz.

Last year the team was ranked in the top five before playoffs and is hoping to improve upon that this year.

The players have been doing lifting and conditioning to prepare for the season since October.

Coach Scott Hormann has been at Heritage for nine years and has been pushing his athletes to focus more on    the little things that make them better.

¨Every single swing means something in practice,¨ says Hormann. ¨You’re focused on doing things right. These players are focused on representing their teammates and their school as best as possible because they’re so proud of this school. I´ve worked in other schools, and this school really is a special place.”

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