Baseball returns to the field

Luke Meyers '22 hits a single in a game against Denver North at their game opener on May 13.

  “Last year we got two games in before being shut down,” states the head coach, Tyler Munro.
   Most players were really frustrated when the season got shut down.
   “The season being cut short was definitely very tough last year. Being one of the top teams in this state, we had such potential to make it very far,” states Karl Peters ’21.
   This year they are a season D sport. The first day of their season will start on April 26 but pre season started much earlier. Their first game was on May 3 against Arapahoe.  
   Tommy Stevenson explains “I am a little upset about how it is so short but thankfully we are able to continue our season past when school ends so that will make up for some time.”
   This season will be very short compared to what it normally would be. First off, they start in April when the season would normally start in February. Varsity would usually be allowed to play 23 games but because of this crazy year, it is only 16 games. Instead of having 32 teams go to the playoffs, it is now only 16 teams.
   “I’m definitely excited to play this year for sure. with everything going on, everybody is itching at the moment to get on the field and see what we can do,” concludes Peters. 

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