Students speak on Safe2Tell

May 12, 2016 Katie Marshall 0

A student hotline is gaining attention from not only teens, but parents and administration. Safe2Tell was introduced as a tip-line usable by any student at Heritage.

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Water World blasts Eltich’s water park away

May 12, 2015 Katie Marshall 0

As the temperature rises to create another blazing Colorado summer, people flock to pools around the state. Although more expensive options, Water World and Elitch Gardens Water Park offer more than just a dip into a pool, though that is available as well. However, Water World trumps the water park at Elitch’s.

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Gas prices plummet

February 1, 2015 Katie Marshall 0

As the gas prices drop to nearly $2 per gallon, the sighs of relief from teenagers can be heard around the Denver metro area. However, as the wallets of consumers swell, the potential effects of lower gas prices on the economy is dismissed.

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Turkey builds iconic castle

December 10, 2014 Katie Marshall 0

As 16.9% of Turkey’s population is below the poverty line, President Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan and the Turkish government is constructing a $615 million palace with 1,000 rooms.