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Theatre crews carry show

March 3, 2014 Jackson Buckner 0

It’s the end of the show, lights go down and the actors let out a sigh. A few minutes later, as the orchestra finishes the exit music, another, louder sigh is released.

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Hoopla over Hullaballoo

December 18, 2013 Jackson Buckner 0

The house lights dim and the MCs cascade over the seats. Before the audience knows what hit them, the word “Hullallbaoo” ( supposed to be “Hullaballoo”) awkwardly appears on stage; letters held at all kinds of angles. So begins another Heritage talent exhibition.

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Heritage students gain national honor

December 17, 2013 Jackson Buckner 0

Remember sitting in a chilly October classroom to take the PSAT? For twelve students in 2012, it was was the beginning of a long journey into the processes of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).

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Bean Bribery

November 19, 2013 Jackson Buckner 0

It happens to the best of us, running into fifth hour late, the teacher gives you that dreaded “tardy” look. All you did was get lunch, how were you supposed to know it wasn’t an advisory day?

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Class Poems

September 30, 2013 Jackson Buckner 0

I once had senioritis
From school I took hiatus
Life was so grand
I was king of the land!
Now I’m super senior, the highest