AP Spanish Students Indulge in Colombian Culture

AP Spanish students enjoying their lunch at La Chiva. Photos courtesy of Miss Solis.

   On Saturday, October 12, Miss Solis’s AP Spanish students met up at La Chiva Colombian Cuisine restaurant for a community activity. Around 20 students attended the event, excited to try food outside the comfort zones of most of the students. They were treated to a fantastic lunch and great conversations, immersed in Colombian culture all the way.

   “La Chiva is so accommodating, kind and patient. And they let us break the rules for a more sit-down experience,” says Solis. 

   Spanish IV and AP Spanish classes are required to complete two community activities per semester, providing chances for students to be immersed in various Spanish cultures through films, shows and events in the community. Lunch at La Chiva is just one of the many opportunities these students have to learn more about spanish culture in the world.

   “Though we didn’t speak much in Spanish, it really was just eating good food with friends,” says Isaac Ehrnstein, ’21. 

   “The event was fun, and the food was really good,” says Ehrnstein.

   AP Spanish classes have many more community activities to come, and nobody is more excited than Miss Solis. 

Photo courtesy of Miss Solis

   She says, “This was our biggest group yet for sure, so I’m not sure if we’ll continue to fit in that little restaurant!”

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