AP Capstone Program Pivots

According to Ms. Zolle there will be 240 Sophomores and Juniors taking the AP Seminar course next year. Looking back, the first students to have completed the full AP Capstone program will be graduating this year, and have gained the research and writing skills that are meant to prepare kids for college.

“This program has given me the skills to evaluate sources, follow style guides, create unique topics of inquiry, and most of all research. Overall I feel way more prepared to tackle college,” says AP Research student Emily Landwehr.

However, this program is now pivoting to be used as a higher level English class for sophomores in the 2017-2018 school years.

“The first 2-3 months of AP seminar English 10 next fall will be a focus on skill building in preparation for the 3 AP tasks, and we will do that skill building through literature,” explains English teacher, Jennifer Gustafson.

Although the details of the class have not been fully set in stone yet, The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye will be used because they are the two required texts for sophomores.

Kat Whitmore
AP Research student works on project.

“Mrs. Melton and I will be attending AP Seminar training this summer for a week, and we will have a better idea of all of all of the details after that training,” states Gustafson.

The overall structure of the class will remain the same as the students will work on AP tasks, with topics that will be entirely up to them.

Because students are completely in charge of what they want to learn and write about, this English class will be unlike any course underclassmen have taken.

“We are really excited to teach this course because we believe students will be engaged and interested, and they will be learning skills that will help them main_capstonelogothroughout their academic and work lives,” says Gustafson.

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