Andrew Boncho leaves legacy and love

Andrew spent many nights in the gym and classrooms, always willing to help students and staff at Heritage.

Mr. Andrew Boncho, custodian at Heritage High School, is retiring after 25 years of service. He takes with him the memories of the students and staff he has encountered throughout the decades. 

“I’ve always been a people person. Meeting new people and families is my favorite part of being a custodian at Heritage,” Andrew says.

The warmth and positivity that Andrew brings to the halls, classrooms and gyms of Heritage has made him an essential part of the custodial team. Leading the nighttime crew, Andrew knows every trick and technique to make the building function. From his mastery of those heavy bleachers to the efficiency he has created in tackling such a big school every night, Andrew guides his team with a smile and a model of tenacity and commitment.

Ms. Jill Rickard, English teacher and former Assistant Principal, admires Andrew’s work ethic and ability to lead. In her message to Andrew, she shares why she is so thankful for his time and service to the school.

“I valued (his) leadership… agreeing to do whatever was asked,” Ms. Rickard says.

Andrew reflects on his time at Heritage fondly, knowing that he was doing something good for the students and staff with every shift each night. He is also excited about his future. He is planning to go into the real estate business with his son. He knows that the first year away from the school will be a major change in his life.

“I will miss Heritage,” Andrew says. 

The reverse is also true. Heritage will miss Andrew. Working nights and weekends, he had a significant impact on the coaches and athletes as well.

Athletic Director Brock Becker, Girls’ Basketball Coach Terry Nickels, Boys’ Basketball Coach Jentry Byleveld and Volleyball Coach Hannah Lane all thank Andrew for his commitment to keeping the gyms functional and clean throughout his years at Heritage.

“He did so many good things for all of the kids,” Coach Nickels says.

And that is what he intentionally did every day: made a difference in the high school community. When asked why he was always so giving and generous to Heritage, his true character shined.

“I always treat people the way I want to be treated,” Andrew says.

Andrew’s kind spirit and warm smile made him a respected colleague. Mr. Gary Smith, Heritage Building Facilitator, wishes Andrew the best in his future and shares his gratitude for all he did.

“Thanks for all of the hard work you put into Heritage and all of your dedication,” says Smith in a message directly to Andrew.

Mrs. Kathy Smith, Heritage’s Office Manager, agrees and knows the impact Heritage will feel after his retirement.

“There’s nobody that cares about Heritage more than you do. The school won’t be the same without you,” she says. 

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