Alpine Club climbs to new heights

Heritage’s Alpine Club has kept busy since the start of the school year, taking their first hike up Goliath Peak on August 25. The kick off hike of the year offered new members a taste of what the club has to offer. Mr. Warren, Heritage Math Teacher, has been sponsoring the club for 18 years.

“My favorite things about the club is the ability that it gives me to see the beauty of Colorado and all of its natural wonder, and the other is Mr. Warren himself. His constant energy and excitement to get us all up to the top really makes the hikes an incredible experience,” says Alpine Club member Scott Spangler ’20.

The club devoted their weekends to early mornings of hiking places like the Abyss Lake Trail and Mount Bierstadt.

New to the club, Liberty Tyus ’20, comments on the experience of her first hike.

“The first hike I went on was Mt. Bierstadt. This was also my first 14er. It was really difficult at some points of the hike but making it to the top made it all worth it!” says Tyus.

Alpine Club members are offered opportunities unique to the club and Colorado. On October 13, students hiked the snow covered Peaks Y and Z. Club member Mark Spangler ’20 reflects on the trip.

“There was something special about the sheer remoteness of the Y and Z peaks. I hiked the castle last year and it’s still just as much fun to drink tea atop a glorious granite summit. I really felt my bonds with the other hikers grow that day,” M. Spangler says.

Both new and returning members were eager to begin a year full of new challenges, knowing that the extraordinary experiences and friendly atmosphere of the club are well worth the physical exertion required.

“I joined Alpine Club because I love to hike and I’d heard great things about it!” Tyus says.

M. Spangler comments on one of the experiences Alpine Club had to offer.

“Seeing a herd of bighorn sheep crunch through a frozen hillside was something else, and knowing that no other human was around for miles upon miles made the beauty of the Rocky Mountains that much more special,” says M. Spangler

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