After Prom Changes Locations

  This year’s After Prom is something pretty different. The best part? It will be off campus for the first time, making 2019 Prom new and fresh for students. There is also a major benefit to Heritage parents.

   “After Prom this year is at the Main Event in Highlands Ranch. I think it comes down to the fact that it is hard to get a bunch of parents to come and set up the night before, and to clean up the day after. It’s getting harder and harder, and people don’t want to commit the time to doing something like that,” says Mrs. Jill Schrader, Assistant Principal in charge of Activities.

   After Prom at Heritage required a team of parents to band together and both set up and clean the school. An off campus location helps that aspect, however, there is still a band of parents stepping up to organize.

   “There is an After Prom committee, and right now they’ve been getting a lot more success with the different groups around the school to donate things for prizes, which has been much more successful than it has in the past,” says Schrader.

   Some students and parents show excitement towards the off-campus event, however, some still lean towards on-campus After Prom. The discussion of continuing this for future years is certainly a decision to be made.

   “I personally would love to have them off campus, but I know a lot of kids and parents like to have it on campus. However, I think it’s easier to have it off campus,” says Schrader.

   The benefits of an off campus After Prom have students thrilled and ready to go. Juniors and seniors are thrilled to have a new experience.

   “I am super excited  to experience After Prom off campus. I went to After Prom on campus last year and am excited for the change. I hope it’s as decorated and amazing as last year,” says Maddy Coons ’20.

    Off campus After Prom allow for a wider variety of activities and fun things to do for students, and there is undeniable excitement for a fresh, new After Prom.

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