A new love for BMX


Spaulding competes in a recent BMX race. "I love compepeting in BMX and the aspect of winning," says Spaulding.
Spaulding competes in a recent BMX race. “I love competing in BMX and the aspect of winning,” says Spaulding.

Connor Spaulding  ’17 has been riding BMX for almost five years.

“It’s been about four years since I’ve started but I have been riding competitively for only a year now,” says Spaulding.

BMX, the competitive motor bike sport, is something that was introduced to Spaulding by a friend.

“It was actually my friend Dakota who introduced me to it. He took me to a race and I have loved it ever since,” says Spaulding.

Riding BMX has proved to be a large commitment to Spaulding who practices at least once a week.

“Then on the weekend I ride in one or two competitive races,” says Spaulding.

“I really like doing BMX because I like the competitive edge it has to it and I love winning in races,” comments Spaulding. “I also like that I get to travel around Colorado. I just competed in a race in Grand Junction. I go to Colorado Springs a lot and I hope to start doing races outside of Colorado too,” says Spaulding.

Racing isn’t just a hobby for Spaulding; it’s something that Spaulding hopes to continue to keep up with.

“I definitely want to continue to race in college, it will always be a part of my life in some way or another,” says Spaulding.

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