6th Annual LPS Poetry Slam

A student from Heritage preforms one of her poems. The audience was on the edge of their seats, while her poem tugged on their heart strings.

Poetry. It’s a way for writers to speak their mind in a creative, fun way. In the sixth annual LPS poetry slam, five students represented Heritage. The night was full of crying; crying from laughing and crying from the broken lives people spoke about.

Maile Cohan ’18 was one of five poets to perform at the slam. During the interview she thought back to one of the first times that she ever performed.

“I was really nervous and loud. It was just so bad,” says Cohan.

Just like many other poets at the slam, Maile wrote about experiences that she’s had and her reflection about the experience.
“I find my inspiration from the beauty that comes from the brokenness of the world we live in. Most poets focus on what sucks in life, but I like to focus on the hope that is found in the things that suck about our lives,” says Cohan.

When asked how she got into slam poetry Cohan stated, “I just really like writing and my freshman English teacher really sparked creativity in, so I just started poems. I like to write things that actually mean something to me and instigate inspiration in others.”

Marissa Kiefer ’18, who attended the slam talks about her experiences.

“My emotions were all over the place. There were some very deep, sad and thoughtful poems, and on the other hand there were some really funny and happy poems,” says Kiefer.

“To be able to hear these stories was a really cool experience, hearing about the things that people are too afraid to talk about, and from people who I don’t normally talk, it was truly amazing,” Kiefer says.

Everyone in the room was impacted by the words spoken by the poets, and over all it was an amazing night that people should go to.

“I would definitely go and encourage other people to go as well,” says Kiefer.

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