4A funds yield anticipated updates to Heritage

In November of 2018, Littleton voters passed LPS Bond Measure 4A to fund a bond of $298 million dollars, which, over the next several years, will help Littleton Public Schools build new sports stadiums, new schools, update the furniture, and more. This bond is the largest bond that LPS has ever passed, and will bring huge changes to the district.

   Bill Canterbury, head of LPS’s Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee, weighed in on what the bond means. 

   “It’s a capital bond. It’s to improve the facilities,” says Canterbury. 

   These facility improvements are mainly to bring the buildings up to date, and to bring the buildings up to ADA standards.

   “The schools are dated. We have to start getting the schools updated,” says Canterbury. 

   Heritage isn’t the main beneficiary of the bond, but the school is getting some updates. The largest of these projects has already been put in place: the new turf field.

   This field has been a big hit amongst students, especially athletes. Football player Jadon Unrein, ’22, is one of these athletes. 

   “I love it. It’s fantastic,” says Unrein. 

   The only complaint seems to be about the heat that it attracts, as the turf field has a much hotter feel to it than a grass field. 

   “When it’s hot, it’s really hot,” says Unrein.

   With a new field comes new stadium lights, and while the field is popular amongst the Heritage community, some neighbors are less than thrilled about the night lights. Kim Caulfield is one of these neighbors. 

   “It should be a two way street; the residents accommodate the high school, the high school accommodates the residents,” says Caulfield.

   While Heritage has seen most of their changes that 4A will bring, the community can expect to see drastic changes to the LPS community as a whole in the coming years. 

   “LPS parents are going to be excited to send their kids to school,” says Canterbury.

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