Zoolander 2: Reviewed

Ben Stiller as Zoolander's signature look "magnum" is so powerful it can stop an object in midair. Most will say there is no difference between it and the "blue steel" look, but there are very subtle differences.

Zoolander’s signature look “magnum” is so powerful it can stop an object in midair. Most will say there is no difference between it and the “blue steel” look, but there are very subtle differences.

   While Disney’s “Zootopia” took audiences and critics by storm on March 6, a different zoo movie caught my eye: “Zoolander 2.”

   Because the original “Zoolander” came out in 2001, its sequel became part of that group of movies that are getting follow ups way past their time, like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” That sequel will come out March 25, 2016.

   “Zoolander 2” also falls into a collection of movies with high quality low-brow satire. The whole thing is just poking fun at the entire fashion world. The humor isn’t extremely raunchy, but most of the comedy plays off of the fact that the main characters are actual idiots.

   Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson come back as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, two washed up male models who are still as dumb as ever. Lacking basic cognitive skills, such the ability to read monosyllabic words, these two are just hysterical.

   Will Ferrell re-joins the mix, reprising the role of Mugatu, the villain from the first movie. The difference between Ferrell and Stiller and Wilson is that Ferrell is actually quite clever. He creates a whole devious plan to try and destroy the modeling world based on the ridiculous story of Adam, Eve, and Steve. Yes Steve. Ferrell gets several big name designers to believe that killing the descendant of Steve will create a fountain of youth that will make them immortal.

   The problem with this is that the descendant of Steve is the title character’s son.

   Spoiler Alert. It’s all a hoax. The story isn’t true.There was no Steve, Ferrell just made it all up. He is just trying to take revenge on Stiller by trying to kill his son. Ferrell calls everyone out on their stupidity for believing him about the story of Adam, Eve and Steve. He then reveals the rest of his plan to murder all of the famous designers and become the biggest name in fashion himself.

   Plot twist: The story turns out to be true. Steve is real and his descendant, Stiller’s son, becomes the savior of the fashion world and thwarts Ferrell’s plans.

   So the film ends the same way most  do, with everything turning out fine and the hero ending up with a beautiful woman.

   Even if the humor is basic and pandering, the movie is still a fun ride.

   The acting is great by all the cast members. The pacing is set perfectly so that people are either laughing or engaged in the main story line. The costumes and makeup are well done, which is necessary for the satire of the modeling world.

   While it has been doing poorly in the eyes of the critics, that’s only because it feels like a rehash script to them.

   Several sequels close to the originals have been received negatively for not being “innovative,” but the best part of a sequel is seeing old familiar things with a touch of new. The old performs spectacularly in the form of characters and basic villain motive. The new is even better with inclusions of several celebrity cameos (including Justin Bieber, who dies within the first five minutes),a new setting and new jokes in the same style as the old ones.

   Even if most people don’t like this 15-years-late, half-witted sequel, I say it is still worth a viewing, even if just for a quick laugh.

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