Zoo Lights brighten Denver

zoo lights 6It’s a cold night in the middle of the holiday season. People are bundled up in seemingly innumerable layers of clothing in the hopes of blocking out the pervasive chills as they walk under a canopy of light.

zoo lights 2zoo lights 1Zoo Lights has returned to the Denver Zoo for the holidays from December 5 to January 4. During this time for the price of $7 to $11, ticket-holders can experience a wholly unique perspective of the zoo at night in the company of family and friends. It is a time of relaxation, memories and comfort.

Stretching over more than thirty-eight acres, Zoo Lights showcases over 150 animated light displays and vibrant lights of every color draped from tree to tree, creating a spectacular illusion of brilliant starlight. Walking through the zoo, it is hard to ignore the sense of warmth radiating from the countless bulbs, and the closeness with friends and family that they encourage. The ubiquitous cold of the night melts away under the subtle comfort of Zoo Lights.

zoo lights 3While mostly geared towards younger children, Zoo Lights is also worthwhile for teenagers. With a group of friends, or simply going with family, Zoo Lights turns a night previously packed with studying into a pleasant evening of conversation and new memories to be made.

zoo lights 5If nothing else, the event is reminiscent of a childhood spent almost exclusively at the zoo and memories of braving the frigid December winds with family linked arm-to-arm to experience the true magic of Zoo Lights every year.

zoo lights 4The 2014 Denver Zoo Lights are a must-see for this year’s holiday season, and any year’s holiday season, in fact. It is not only an opportunity to witness the cultures of diverse peoples and bond with family and friends, but also a time to laugh, let loose, relive the innocence of childhood, grab a drink of hot chocolate and calmly stroll underneath a canopy of light.

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