Working While Learning

Heritage has a multitude of students who work at various jobs after school.

Heritage has a multitude of students who work at various jobs after school.

In a student’s seemingly overwhelming and busy life, there are those who tack on an extra obligation to their schedules, like working after school at Old Navy. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that students with a job during high school gives that student marketable knowledge and skills, good work habits, and the know-how needed for the job world.

These individuals, crazy as they may be, are actually setting themselves up for a better future.  I advocate high school jobs as because they give a student experience in the job world. Whether it be applying for a job or learning how to deal with an unruly customer, high school jobs set a student off a step ahead of those who don’t work during high school.

A student worker also knows that they need to work for what they want. The money that they earn comes from their determination and persistence; money doesn’t show up out of the blue and present itself, it has to be won. I support working in high school because it forces a student to learn to not be lazy and take pride in their work. After all, the quality of something and the work put into it reflects in the reward. A student’s pride in their schoolwork elevates the overall experience in learning and reflects in their grades. The better the grades and the greater the want to learn, the better the entire student body feels and excels.

I also support high school jobs because they are appealing on a resume. Working in high school shows a future employer or university that a student can not only balance their schedule with school work and a job, but also do what it takes to get that “A” and show dignity in their finished products. An appealing resume makes a student more than eligible for attendance at a celebrated college. What America needs now more than ever is a workforce qualified to compete with the rest of the world in any given profession. Going to an esteemed university provides a student with the necessary skills to compete on the global scale. This competitive edge evident at Heritage is what grows the economy and raises the standard of living around the globe.

Working amidst the chaos of high school takes courage and determination. Even working at the local convenience store or a McDonald’s sets a student ahead of the non-working highschoolers and puts them on the path to thrive in the modern job world.

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