Woodman expands community at Heritage

Of the many teachers who are new to Heritage this fall, an addition was made to the Social Studies department in Kirt Woodman. Teaching US History, World Civilization and Geography, he gets the chance to work with a lot of the younger kids in the building, setting the grounds for his students to be successful at Heritage.

“Every student has a passion; what matters is finding and tuning into their passion so that they may grow,” says Woodman.

He hopes that through the course of his teaching, he can inspire. He describes himself as a history geek, something that can even be observed while he is coaching football; he can often be found making history references to help his players remember their playbook.

Mr. Woodman teaches his class about the Industrial Revolution.

Mr. Woodman teaches his class about the Industrial Revolution. He is enjoying his first year at Heritage.

He connects to kids and understands that everyone is a little bit different, something he tries to nourish.

“Everyone seems to take care of each other here, and that’s a very comforting feeling knowing you’re going to teach in a school that is known for being so compassionate to each other,” he says.

Mr. Woodman aspires to raise his daughter in this community and hopefully one day have her attend Heritage, something that was a major pulling factor for him.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Woodman enjoys many things. He loves spending time with his family more than anything. Students may also find him on his way to the mountains on a fishing trip, or catch the self admitted movie buff at the theatre. He spends much of his off time coaching the football team, something he’s accustomed to doing previously at Highlands Ranch High School. His role on the football team is of great importance, and he has described the transition as very smooth due to his colleagues on the staff.

Lifelong friend and former security guard at Heritage, Brian Trautman, can speak to the character of Mr. Woodman.

“He is one of the most genuine and real people you will ever meet, and with him Heritage can expand their minds with his great knowledge, but more importantly teach kids what kindness and compassion are all about,” says Trautman.

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