Wamsley’s journey to Heritage

Mr. Wamsley congratulating a student on a perfect test score with an excited thumbs up.

Mr. Wamsley congratulates a student on a perfect test score with an excited thumbs up.

Attending Penn State, Mr. Brett Wamsley did not make the decision to teach until his junior year of college. After working at summer camps and taking on the role of a leader, he realized that a Biology major with good leadership is perfect for teaching. Moving here for the fishing, skiing, and outdoor activities in 2003, he now claims to be Colorado proud.

“Finally after being here for 10 years, I am allowed to officially be called a Colorado native,” laughs Wamsley.

Now, he walks the halls of Heritage High School teaching Physical Science, Biology, and sponsoring the Brownie Lemonade & Games club along with the Botney Club.

“Heritage has been good, I have been here for nine years now. The students are fantastic and that is why I stick around!” explains Wamsley.
Students appreciate his ability to add excitement and interest into everything that he teaches while still getting the lesson across clearly.

“I really enjoyed being in his class because he incorporated a lot of humor into his teaching,” says Tiffany Jenks ‘14.
He plans on being here for as long as possible, as he wants to continue to walk these halls as a teacher, friend and eagle.

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