Value of language

In a study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security in 2012, an estimated 13.3 million immigrants lived legally in the United States, each with their own unique culture and way of life, according to the DHS website.

Ms. Solís, a Heritage world languages teacher, teaches her Spanish IV class.
Ms. Solís, a Heritage world languages instructor, teaches her Spanish IV class.

In the face of this wave of cultural diversity, it is crucial to find ways to connect these distinctive ways of life. Language provides part of the key to this problem.

I feel that learning a language has its value in linking together all varieties of people locally and internationally. As highly social creatures, humans need to overcome the language barrier that is deeply afflicting our society. Once humans understand how to communicate with each other, the inherent confusion and anger that comes from different, and often conflicting, forms of speech disappear. It can be said that with understanding comes acceptance; therefore it can be said that with a grasp of language comes the evaporation of rampant xenophobia that is felt all around the world. Language provides the societal revolution that is needed to take the first steps into our halcyon future as a nation and planet.

While learning a language reduces the apprehension and impulsive vexation towards different ways of life, it also gives a sense of individuality that we as humans crave, especially now in the 21st century. The joy of language is that there are many of them out there; people just have to broaden their view. Spanish, French and English are just the start of a whole world full of diverse languages. Each one rolls off the tongue in its own unique ways and has its own distinctive sounds. In a world of overwhelming variety, it only does injustice to limit the list of languages down to those basic three. Look around, the thrill of the hunt only intensifies the search for that special language, or languages for each of us.

Diversity is what makes us human, and now it all comes down to embracing and celebrating that diversity in our homes and country, starting with language.

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