United in defeat


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson raises the Lombardi trophy. The Seahawks defeated the Broncos 43-8.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson raises the Lombardi trophy. The Seahawks defeated the Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl 48.

The best offense is the best defense. The Seattle Seahawks are certainly proof of this famous maxim. After beating the Denver Broncos very handily, 43-8, the number one ranked defense in the league celebrate their victory to Super Bowl XLVIII.

According to ESPN the Broncos were supposed to win. Having such explosive offensive weapons like Peyton Manning, Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno it seemed that ESPN would be right in their prediction. After seeing the first snap of the game fly over Manning’s head and into the end zone for a safety it seemed that it could not get worse for the Broncos. Yet, at half time with the score at 22-0, it was all over for Denver even though they managed to scrape up eight points in the third quarter. The Broncos had a historic year, breaking more than 30 records total within the team, according to the Mile High Report. Yet the Broncos would not stop there with breaking records. According to CBS Sports, they were the first team to get beat by a spread of points that bad in the Super Bowl. Also, they were the team that got scored on the fastest beating the previous record of 14 seconds by two whole seconds. This loss also brought the Broncos to record high five losses in Super Bowl games, the most in the league.


“It was disappointing to say the least, to have my favorite team lose in the biggest game in years is terrible, nevertheless it being that embarrassing,” says Madi Scharf ’14.


With all the hype being on how the veteran Peyton Manning would do, it seems that the sophomore quarterback Russel Wilson should have received more attention. Manning rightfully took the helm for the man in charge leading into his third Super Bowl and Wilson only finishing his second year in the league. Looking at salary Manning made $882,352 per week and Wilson only made $526,217 for the entire season, according to CBS Sports. It seemed that it was time for Manning to take his second Super Bowl ring and rule supreme as the best quarterback in history but Wilson proved his worth with the win. Wilson not only threw zero interceptions during the Super Bowl but throughout the whole post season, but he connected 18 of 25 passes for 206 yards and two touchdowns, according to ESPN.


“Russel Wilson is a class act. That guy can not only throw the ball extremely well, but run and play well out of the pocket. He is going to be a historic quarterback in the league after this win,” says Connor Cain ’14.

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