Unified Eagles starts again


Instructors explain to students what Unified is all about.

“I love to coach Unified because of the atmosphere that everyone at Heritage brings to the games. Everyone is very accepting to kids,” says Mr. Kyle Duggan, the coach of the Heritage Unified team.

Unified Eagles is where volunteer Heritage students are partners to the Special Olympics athletes at Heritage and assist them in playing basketball.

“Partners are in charge of catching rebounds and directing the students to the right place, but most importantly they are in charge of cheering for their teammates,” says Duggan.

Helpers love to assist Unified because the PACE athletes get really excited and everyone can feel the joy spread around the room.

“The athletes are great because they bring their enthusiasm and Heritage spirit to every game,” says Tori Mudd ‘16, who has been a part of Unified for three years now. “It is a great thing to be a part of.”

The program breaks barriers by having the athletes and the partners work as teammates and create new friendships.


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