Tune out of autotune

The warbled, computerized voices flood out of my car speakers.  Robot voices.  Voices that cause me to angrily smash my palm against the dashboard and shut off the radio.  Autotune has taken over the music scene, and I am not happy about it.  In fact, I’m spitting mad.

Now, I’m the first to admit that pop and Top 20 music isn’t my thing.  The lyrics seem mostly hollow and meaningless, or about trivial topics such as partying and other school inappropriate behaviors.  You are much more likely to find me listening to rock and metal at full blast to drown out the autotune blaring on every radio station.  To put it bluntly, I feel like autotune masks the voices of iffy to not-so-great singers and boots aside real talent.  Why really work when a computer can alter your voice and make it sound “great” anyway?  People eat it up.

Sure, it might add a certain edge to some songs, and at times it can add something to the music, if used in moderation.  However, when used in excess (I’m looking at you, T-Pain) it just ruins everything.  There are thousands of aspiring musicians with pure talent who find themselves floundering around in a state of anonymity due to the flood of popstar wannabees and robot impersonators.

There’s a time and place for autotune, but it certainly won’t be making its way onto my iPod any time soon.  I prefer raw talent and natural voices, not ones that have to be filtered through a computer to sing about menial topics.  To each their own though.  Everyone is entitled to their own taste in music, and I’d be the last person to harp on someone’s music choices.

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