Trump succeeds in polls due to terrorism

It seems a little ridiculous to many millennials in America that Donald Trump is not only running for president, but succeeding in polls so far.

And why is he succeeding? Most of his remarks are racist, and many professionals don’t believe that he has established plans for America’s future that will not only work, but work well.

Trump is racist and an extremist. Yet, the public loves the fact that Trump speaks his mind and stays true to his remarks-which is a change from many of the former politicians. He can be crude, but according to Telegraph, his unaccepting policies are grabbing attention due to the recent terrorist attacks around the world.

Americans are scared, and according to a recent poll conducted by CNN, only 60% of Americans have confidence in President Obama that he is going to defeat ISIS.

The public has not only lost confidence in the safety of the country but the ability of the President to protect them.

This makes Trump’s commentary more acceptable to the public. Trump speaks his mind ruthlessly, and many believe that means that he will not compromise the safety of the country in order to appease others.

Would Trump be this popular without the wake of recent terrorist attacks? He probably wouldn’t. He would most likely be labeled as a racist, and would be out of the running in the GOP.

However, as terror shakes the world, Trump is there for the public to depend on for safety. Trump simply makes his supporters feel better about the safety of their futures.


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