Heritage thespians travel downtown



Heritage’s Thespian troupe performs their one act play The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza for other schools at ThesCon.

On December 1 through December 3, Heritage’s own Thespian troupe #3759 traveled to the Convention Center in Downtown Denver for this year’s Thespian Conference (ThesCon), as they do every year. However, though students who have never had a part in the theater have probably heard about ThesCon. they might not have any idea what it really is.

“ThesCon is the Thespian conference where theater kids from around the region come to the Convention Center to take theater workshops to learn more about theater and to see shows presented by high schools,” says Anna Rosenthal ’17, Thespian member.

Students at ThesCon got to see shows performed by several high schools across the region. Heritage’s thespian troupe presented their own one act play, The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, for others to see as well.  

Besides seeing performances, ThesCon offers a wide variety of other activities to do as well.

“Students could attend workshops and learn from professionals from all over the state, and see what students from other schools are working on,” says Ms. Kate Willers, Thespian adviser.

The workshops appeals to every genre of theater and inside of them there are multiple opportunities for students to learn how to improve their skills.

“I did a makeup workshopwhere we learned to do zombie-looking makeup and I also did an improv one where it was like a musical and you could sing or rap about anything, like you would in improve,” says Ava Boren ’17, Thespian member.

ThesCon isn’t just for theater kids either, anybody can go as long as they want to and are willing to learn more about the theater world and have fun.

“I hope students were able to get outside of their comfort zone a little bit and learn something new and unique, as well as have a fun time bonding with new and old friends,” says Willers.

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