Theatre Company completes the season

As this school year comes to a close, one final performance for the juniors and seniors in Theater Company occurred on May 7.

The show was a collection of 14 scenes, most written by members of the company, being performed in an unknown order.


Students from the Student Directed One Acts performed the same night as Theatre Company, creating a five hour long theatre filled night.

“The emphasis was on audience participation,” says Tori Mudd ’16. “It’s was fun to see everyone get really excited for a show.”

All of the scenes were behind a number, none of which the members knew, and the audience got to decide which number went next.

“I think it adds a more dynamic layer to it, allowing us to have to be light on our feet and ready for anything,” says Zacharius Rivera ’17.

The scenes were a mixture of dramas, comedies, raps and musical numbers.

“My favorite scene is probably The Seven Deadly Sins. It was such a unique concept the way they are being presented. I love it so much,” says Rivera.

Mudd adds, “It’s quirky and funny, also my favorite role to date.”

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