The Spirit Celebration dazzles

Littleton Foundation is a part of the Littleton Public School District that raises money for the schools within the Littleton Public School District.

The organization was founded in 1991 and has raised over $5 million for the schools in the Littleton Public District. They have four annual events: the Littleton Stride, the Spirit Celebration, Colorado Gives Day and Littleton Golf Tournament.

In this photo Spirit Scholar winners, among which is Jonathan Horton. Photo courtesy of Beth Best

In this photo Spirit Scholar winners, among which is Jonathan Horton, Heritage student.
Photo courtesy of Beth Best

Colorado Gives Day is every December and is an online fundraiser through the US Bank. People are able to donate at

The Gold Tournament is co-hosted by Littleton foundation every year and is a new relatively fundraiser.

The Littleton Stride is an annual race that Littleton Foundation hosts every year in October.

The Spirit Celebration takes place annually in April and was started in 2011 and has increased in popularity over the past eight years.

According to Beth Best the co-director of Littleton Foundation, “We are confident that the event generated well over $100,000 for the LPS Foundation and nearly $75,000 for The Legacy Fund for Mental Health.  We are excited to announce that Littleton Adventist Hospital is matching every dollar donated to The Legacy Fund for Mental Health with up to $50,000. That means the amount raised for The Legacy Fund for Mental Health will be $125,000.”

        The money raised from the Spirit Celebration will be distributed to Mental Health Team Leaders, The Positive Coaching Alliance, Mental Health Awareness Campaign, LPS Collaborative Intervention Program, and Parent Workshop Series.

“The Mental Health Awareness Campaign is directed in terms of services and personnel, the Foundation has used some of the money to pay for several positions at the district, there is a lady by the name of Jill Taylor who deals with substance abuse and drug alcohol counseling. There is also another position at the district that helps families navigate insurance when they have mental health needs if they need therapy or counseling. When students at Heritage need these services the school is able to give referrals to these services,” says Mrs. Riendeau, School Administrator.

        The Spirit Celebration is not the end of the fundraising season there are still two fundraisers in May, the first is the LPS night at the Rockies on May 5, 2017, discounted tickets can be purchased at, the second is the Colfax Marathon Series on May 21, 2017. In the Colfax Marathon, there will be three teams of teachers from Heritage that will compete for donations.


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