The Shift Towards Enrichment

In the 2017-2018 school year, a shift has been made clarifying the differences in the behavior that should be expected in the different days of advisory. Generally, enrichment days, Mondays and Thursdays, are the time to see teachers for help and focus on academics. During these more academically focused days, teachers can call in student’s who are struggling with a concept or just need an extra push in the right direction in a class. In some advisories, the other days are used as “social days”, for instance, Mr. Bernal’s advisory. However, certain classes are stricter and all days are to be used as homework days. Jill Montgomery, second year English teacher, has a freshman advisory this year and says she can see a “clear difference in the days”. However, she had a senior advisory last year, and she highlighted the differences in value of enrichment days dependent on the class.

“It’s very grade by grade, having seniors last year, and freshman this year, I can see that these days are more valuable to the freshmen, especially because of the time with link”.

Some students say that the days are very differentiated but not appreciated. In response to if the difference between the days is appreciated, sophomore Alexa Purdum responded: “Not at all, because some social days I have homework, and other work days I don’t have homework and I get in trouble for not focusing on that” Purdum, ‘20.

The differences between advisory days are distinct, but the differences between the advisories are still more distinct. For example, one advisory, Mrs. Melton’s advisory does yoga every Friday. Whether or not the change to enrichment is positive or negative depends not only on who you talk to, but also what advisory they’re from.


Students visit Mr. Bernal's classroom to finish their artwork. Here a painting is being finalized.

Students visit Mr. Bernal’s classroom to finish their artwork. Here a painting is being finalized.


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