The Optimist

A poem by Miranda Kemme

All throughout the halls silence ensues

While children everywhere are singing the blues

Finals are upon us without a doubt

Students and teachers tend to pout

Extra credit is not given

Bleeding profusely because our hearts are riven

Living with the acceptance that your F’s will not become D’s

Students cry and fall to their knees

While some people have 4.0’s

I’ll be here blowing my nose

Hoping to graduate with the class of 2016

Seniors everywhere begin to scream

Freshmen experience their first finals

Praying to God and reading the Bible

Answers are not found, and the smiles turn to frowns

As the school as a collective hits the ground

josh laying on the floor

Only a few more days until it’s all done

The kids have lost and the teachers have won

Finally it’s break and it all gets to end

Watching Netflix, my one true friend

All of your families go on trips

I just sit here with my cat eating chips and dip

Just when I get used to the new lifestyle

We go back to school and the homework stacks up in piles

It’s not all that bad because our slates get wiped clean

A’s for everyone, even me

The stress is released and it’s going to be ok

Stop with the countdown and live day to day

Everything is fine, with a bright future ahead

And that’s when I realized I have to do it all again


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