Disneyland brings magic

Celebrating 60 years in July, Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a popular location for holidays and family occasions. Over the years, different lands and attractions have been built for all ages, but is Disneyland still good for teenagers?Katie Online Picture

Emily Tice ’16 and Eva Chaffin ’16 spent their 2015 Spring Break in Disneyland and gave their perspective of Disney.

“I think Disney is a perfect choice no matter how old you are. Even though you may see more of the make-believe as you get older, the effort and detail put into the rides, facades and walkways becomes more evident. This is a reminder why you ever fell in love with Disney,” says Chaffin.

Disneyland’s original attractions included Mark Twain’s Riverboat, the Mad Tea Party and the Matterhorn, which are all still in existence today. Newer lands include Frozen Fun from “Frozen” and Radiator Springs Racers from the movie “Cars.”Katie Online Picture2

“My favorite part of Disney was definitely Space Mountain because I think it’s really cool they’re still running the older rides,” says Tice.

Disneyland also includes The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Space Mountain for exhilarating fun, but calm it down with The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Monsters, Inc.: Mike & Sulley to the Rescue.

“The best ride I think is Radiator Springs Racers because you got to go fast, but you were also transported into the movie and met the main characters and saw the sights from the film. Space Mountain is also a classic and the darkness makes it more exciting not knowing which way you’ll go next,” says Chaffin.

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