The favorites of winter flourish in the flurries

The weather outside may be frightful, but the activities are so delightful.

The snowy season allows students to enjoy the many skiing slopes and the ice rinks that flourish under the blizzards.

Although it could be absolutely bitter outside, a cup of warm coffee or steaming hot chocolate are great companions to brave the storm.

“My favorite part about winter is the red Starbucks cups,” exclaims Sarah Vannett ’15. Sarah also takes pleasure in the many opportunities to make snow angels and go sledding whenever winter comes around.

“I’m stringing Christmas lights up in my car,” says Parker Tinsley ’15.

Not only does the weather make winter a fun-filled season, but also the man-made things such as the many Christmas lights that seem to bounce off the snow. People can go to light exhibits like the Denver Zoo or Hudson gardens to walk through a little wonderland.

“My favorite part about winter is the lights,” says Tinsley. He enjoys the many beautiful scenes that the lights present during the blustery season.

“I think some of the best things that people can do in the winter or especially over winter break are doing doughnuts with a car in the parking lot, Christmas shopping, and skiing,” says Vannett.

Since people have many places to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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