Terrorist Attack on Kenya Mall

A normal Saturday in Nairobi, Kenya, ended horribly on September 21, 2013. Terrorists associated with the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab group attacked Westgate shopping mall. Shortly after noon at least five men with guns attacked an outdoor cafe at the mall. Eight other gunmen fired at panicked shoppers and Kenyan police officers. People were fleeing in every direction, looking for an exit and attempting to hide under cover. Squads of masked gunmen roamed the mall, letting Muslims go. Thirty American citizens, including people from the U.S. Embassy were in the mall but they have evacuated and been accounted for. This attack has shaken the Embassy and the U.S. citizens in Nairobi.

“The Embassy is most likely on super-duper high alert and the Americans should come home,”  says Dave Sedivy, a Government teacher at Heritage.

Wounded and bleeding people were being pushed out of the center in shopping carts. Injured adults were carrying screaming and traumatized children. Woman were rocking and consoling each other in the street while men in camouflage raced around carefully stretched out bodies to get inside the mall. The U.S. Embassy and the UK Foreign Office in Nairobi strongly cautioned people to avoid public places and to stay home. Special force troops moved inside the mall and helicopters moved overhead as President Uhuru Kenyatta gave an address to the country.

“We have overcome terrorist attack before. We will defeat them again,” says Kenyatta.

Among many Kenyan nationals killed and injured, other countries and cultures are also suffering and grieving the loss of their people. Kenya will never be the same again.

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