Teaming Up

Team bonding

The Heritage Athletic department is attempting to move teams to use team bonding in a positive way and completely expel all hazing.


“I think it’s good to have team bonding like pre-season trips or camps that make everyone feel that they’re part of a larger community,” says Athletic Director Mr. Brock Becker.

Since hazing within sports teams has become more prominent in society recently, the Heritage Athletics Department is encouraging more team bonding and less hazing.

Hazing, according to, is defined as the practice of playing unpleasant tricks on someone or forcing someone to do unpleasant things. Typically this is done to initiate new members onto a team or to make freshman teammates “earn their rank.”

Not only has this behavior hurt feelings and made people feel like “lesser” members of the team, but it sometimes has also caused bodily harm and frightening results.

Heritage is trying to promote better team spirit by a bonding style that is positive and encouraging instead of degrading and embarrassing.

An example of this is a pre-season spirit booster of sorts; something to make all participants see the value in the sport and in their overall team. It’s not something that separates athletes into levels of superiority.

The Athletic Department is trying to stress the importance of being part of a program and not necessarily just the “varsity team.”

“In the end we all have one common goal in mind: to represent Heritage, our communities and our families,” says Becker.

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