Tammen cheers for Kansas

Due to his passion for tumbling, Mr. Kyle Tammen, now a Spanish teacher, was encouraged by his parents to do gymnastics when he was in the sixth grade. His passion led him to success, and later to competitive cheerleading in college.

“My college didn’t have a gymnastics program, so cheerleading was a way I could keep using my gymnastics,” says Tammen.

Tammen attended Kansas State and was on the Varsity cheer team. He made up part of a 14 person team with seven girls and seven guys. The cheer team had practice for three to four hours every day, in addition to games and public appearances.

“I had an instant family, people to hang out with, I was integrated into the school right from the start,” says Tammen, when describing his cheer squad.

KSU Cheer Squad Pic DOHERTY

Tammen, donning the purple sweater third from the left, poses with his KSU cheer squad. Although he no longer cheers or coaches, he enjoyed being a coach at PEAK for awhile.

Tammen did pretty much everything, save for flying, when on the cheer squad. While girls were flyers, the guys on the squad worked hard to ensure that the girls didn’t fall. Outside of the grueling practices consisting of running laps, stunting and working on cheers, cheerleaders were expected to hit the gym outside of practice and work with weights.

“Gymnastics is the biggest piece of cheerleading, my advice for guys would be to hit the gym.” says Tammen.

The success of his squad led him to travel around the United States, including Hawaii for the Aloha Bowl and Japan for the Coca-Cola Bowl. After his days in college, he worked as a coach at Peak helping to coach cheerleading.


“I coached cheerleading at Peak most of the people who coached there were former cheerleaders, I helped a lot with basing,” says Tammen.


Tammen is continued to be interested with the activities of Heritage cheerleaders as he always wants to know what they are doing when they are performing during pep assemblies.

“He’s such a logical, down to earth person, that sometimes it’s surprising to picture him being so animated and doing routines like that,” says Mrs. Emily Libbey,  “I think it kind of brought him the balance of his more logical personality with this really fun, energetic, outgoing kind of activity.”

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