Talent shines at Hullabaloo

Amelia Watson ’16 and Joanna Kempton ’16 performed a rap called Alphabet Aerobics during Hullabaloo. The rap is a fast-paced set of rhymes for each letter of the alphabet.

“Joanna and I love the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon and saw Daniel Radcliffe do Alphabet Aerobics and were like, ‘We have to do this for hullabaloo next year,’” says Watson.

The newcomers to Hullabaloo have worked hard to be able to perform.

“In order to memorize it, I would just play it on repeat while driving in the car,” says Watson.

Watson and Kempton performed the rap in synchronization, a challenging feat.

“It’s really complicated and hard to learn, but now that I have it memorized, it’s as easy as the alphabet,” says Watson.

Amelia and Joanna Picture-Bassett

The two girls perform Alphabet Aerobics on the night of Hullabaloo. Hullabaloo is a favorite of the student body because it is an opportunity to see all the different talents students have.




Brianna Martinez ’16 demonstrated her skills with the hula hoop on the night of Hullabaloo.

Martinez has been doing hula hoop tricks for five years and performed in Hullabaloo last year as well. She does a wide variety of tricks from throws to spins and has learned it all from watching YouTube videos.

“My favorite part is the rush I get when I finally learn a new move or when I get to perform because I love the sound the audience makes when I do something cool,” says Martinez.

Martinez also performs as part of Circus Your Way, a non profit LLC which puts on shows for audiences ranging from little kids to the elderly.

Brianna Martinez Picture-Bassett

A student performs a hula hoop routine on the night of Hullabaloo. The variety of talents displayed at Hullabaloo range from singing to tricks with a Chinese yo-yo.

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