Sudan struggles through religious conflict

For the past three months, a civil war has over swept large areas of  Sudan. The soldiers of northern Sudan have come into the southern part and have been stealing animals, killing people in the villages and burning homes. The main cause of the intense fighting is a rivalry between two major ethnic groups, the Dinkas and the Nuers.  Between February 3, 2014 and February 4, 2014, 50 people were killed. Since December, thousands of people have been killed. According to BBC News, 860,000 people have fled from their homes in search of safety. Thousands of woman and children have been forced into slavery.

Religion plays a huge part in the Sudanese conflict.  North Sudan is Muslim and Arabic-speaking. While South Sudan is more African in culture and beliefs,  Christianity has been introduced to the Sudanese nationals  by the British colonies and the southern part of Sudan has adapted Christianity into a large part of their daily lives. Religion in Sudan has turned into a raging conflict between the Christians and Muslims.


Sudanese woman prepare a meal in their village. The ongoing wars make it difficult to provide food for their families.

This conflict began in 1955 when the British introduced their personal Christian beliefs. This conflict is becoming even more dangerous and rampant. British organizations have been all over Sudan providing shelter, water, and medical care to the nationals from South Sudan.

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