Students speak on Safe2Tell


A student hotline is gaining attention from not only teens, but parents and administration. Safe2Tell was introduced as a tip-line usable by any student at Heritage.

Safe2Tell was created due to the knowledge that students’ carry that parents or administration may not know. Safe2Tell contains a “Student Lounge” that contains information on how to receive help or help others along the topics of mental health, drugs, and bullying. This gives students a way to receive information while staying anonymous.

Safe2Tell has been gaining more attention due to the increased usage among students concerning numerous issues. Each conflict has been resolved in a matter of hours, taking into account the safety of students as well as others.

However, there are still mixed feelings among students about Safe2Tell.

“I think it’s useful, but only if you’re using it for good,” says Ashlea Trowbridge ’16.

While most agree with Trowbridge, others worry that with this power to tell, people will abuse this tip-line.

“It’s helpful because it really is a way for people to safely tell someone about issues they’re having, like suicide. I don’t really see any harm in Safe2Tell besides the fact that people can abuse it,” says Gwynn Tipton ’16.


This hotline allows for students to report issues while staying completely anonymous. Safe2Tell takes no personal information from the reporter.

After an anonymous tip is reported, a trained communications officer collects the information and assigns the case to either a school and/or the police, according to

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